What Clients Say

Woman in Prairie Village, Kansas

"Shannon, thanks for coming to my birthday party! I loved having you there. And all my friends were like ‘we love Shannon’ and I said ‘I know, I love her, too!’ And they said ‘we can tell you love her and we love her because we’ve heard so much about her — also the fact that she got you better.’ Gosh, I can’t believe I’m 75 — oooh, in 5 more years, it’s 80! Anyway, my last (whatever I have left on this earth) is because of you. You got me up and going. I appreciate it a lot, you know I do."

Postpartum Mom in Leawood, Kansas

"Shannon came highly recommended after I noticed some postpartum problems (diastasis recti, hip pain and mild urinary incontinence). She made me feel very comfortable in what is normally an uncomfortable situation. She gave me hope that things would get better.

As a physician, I felt she was more than knowledgeable in her field. The best part was that she made home visits! The thought of dragging my newborn out somewhere was too much at the time."

Postpartum Mom in Fairway, Kansas

"I was referred by my OB for physical therapy in 2014 because of severe symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD--a painful separation of the center of my pelvis) during my pregnancy. Walking, turning in my sleep, getting in and out of my car, navigating stairs--any time I had to move my legs or shift weight--caused so much pain sometimes I just cried.

Shannon did a thorough evaluation that my (wonderful) doctor did not, and she worked right away to better align my pelvis and reduce the pain. I don’t know how I would have made it through my pregnancy without her. After having a healthy delivery and getting clearance from my doctor, I resumed therapy with Shannon for the lingering pelvic pain. I gained great strength and stability and much better body awareness.

Needless to say, once I fell pregnant for the second time, I returned to Shannon. I enjoyed much better pelvic alignment and less pain throughout the pregnancy, and a much easier recovery (despite some initial “sneeze pee” moments when I was hit with a bad cold immediately postpartum. Yikes!)

I love working with Shannon because she comes up with great imagery to help me understand anatomy and rehabilitative exercises. Her sessions always feel fresh and educational, even though I’ve seen her dozens of times over the last few years. Anyone battling painful or embarrassing pelvic issues--you owe it to yourself to visit Shannon. Do not accept that “this is just what happens when people have babies, get older, etc.” There is great help if you know where to look!"

Mom & Marathon Runner in Leawood, Kansas

A friend recommended I reach out to Shannon for pelvic floor physical therapy due to symptoms of prolapse while training for my first half marathon. As you can imagine, this type of therapy is very personal and I'm sure many avoid it because of that. But I want to encourage you, if you are dealing with any issues due to pelvic floor strength, don't be afraid! Shannon made me feel so comfortable, focused on education, and was able to create specific strengthening exercises I could do that only take a few minutes a day to complete. The entire experience has been individualized to my personal needs and I am confident that working with a "trainer" has made the rehabilitation process so much quicker.

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